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I finally got 8 FIPS and 1 X52pro to work in Harmony and at a good refresh rate. Currently working for Black shark only. I still need to work out the math for the X52 mfd display as well as adjust some values for the gauges.
The buttons and rotaries work and control the functions of the gauges that have functions as well as the Abris.

The X52 now controls the radio dials without crashing the sim as we can now use the

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Great news!!!

Did you need any tricks in order to make them work ?

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So, I am a year late on the response. ( busy year) .
Actually things finally started to make sense on a basic level, so no real tricks needed.

I am working on the Wiki, would you mind proofreading /clarifying anything I may have mis stated.
I am not the best at writing about